Why women choose a more successful man?

In human society, men and women compete, contrary male competition for females. Women like millionaire men of conspicuous consumption more, and therefore the proportion in innovation, labor and other productive activities for conspicuous consumption in rich single men is growing.


Select promote this view of evolution can be traced back to Charles Darwin, he is convinced that explained most of human evolution. Modern biologists generally agree with this view. One of them even come to a data that approximately 54.8 percent of human choice is actually a reproduction of the sexiest person, rather than the result of survival of the fittest.


A few years ago, evolutionary psychologist Geoffrey Miller demonstrate the following points in his book "courtship thinking" in: Since the human male addition to well-developed muscles, but also with art, poetry, music and humor pursue spouse, then we The result is likely to increase brain primarily sexual selection.


Recently, University of Western Australia Jason Collins (Jason Collins) and his two colleagues in an article published in the online monograph noted that sexual selection explains the civilization itself. They use mathematical methods to explore such a possibility: "Women prefer to be men of conspicuous consumption, and therefore the proportion in innovation, labor and other productive activities for conspicuous consumption is increasing in men these activities contribute. Technological progress and economic growth. "


Psychological evidence the same conclusion. In one experiment, to see the women's pictures of men express a strong desire for a more expensive luxury immediately, while after women see men's photos , they do not have this reaction. This is also historical evidence. As the Greek shipping tycoon Aristotle Onassis said: "If women do not exist, all the money in the world would have no meaning."


In addition,Michael Shermer in his book "market thinking" that the anti-capitalist egalitarianism can be traced to sexual selection. As early as the Paleolithic hunter-gatherers, inequality on reproductive affected. Successful hunters can provide valuable protein for women, they get more mating opportunities than losers. Therefore, it is possible male brain is still a relatively simple equation, That relatively successfully acquired money will lead to more women and more offspring. More wealthy more chance.


If so, this could explain why the relative inequality, rather than absolute inequality so now people are so heart. In modern Western society, even relatively poor people can get transportation, cold storage facilities, entertainment, shoes and plenty of food, you might think that in today's inequality will not be like a century ago was so provocatively the -- poor thing can not be obtained as described above. Even though some people can enjoy a private jet and designer brand clothing, then what does it matter?


But apparently people do not think so. Their resentment luxury consumption inequality is not less than the spending power of the necessity of inequality resentment. They do not like (and jealousy) conspicuous consumption, even if it does not hinder their business. Let them feel the pain of not this person is very rich, but the people richer.


This is a classic statement about sexual selection. Get the right to mate not have a big tail of the peacock, but a maximum of peacock tail. If this is to go to work in the women, gender equality and the relative age of abstinence sound corny, then open your eyes, look around it: the richest or most powerful men are still the most money or the best ratio No right of men to get more opportunities. Ask David Howell Petraeus will know.


In human society, men and women compete for men and women compete. In many species, sex selection is a role only in one sex---usually forces the male. Peahen no long colorful tails, they can share the best male peacock, peacock do not need to become a diligent after mating father. But in other species, especially some seabirds and parrots, males and females equal sharing of child-rearing responsibilities, both sexes are equally colorful -- This is the best of both sexes to be attracted competition results spouse .

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