How to be a good kisser?


Kiss your true love is the best sweet thing in the world, But how to kiss your love? There are some tips to help you to be a good kisser.

1. DO open your eyes...just for a second, otherwise it will be taken away , oh God !

2. DON'T forget to use your hands. Touch his cheek or a gentle hug when you kissing him or her, You can narrow the distance between you and your lover.

3. DO stop talking. In order to create a good atmosphere , kissing or do not talk.

4. DON'T freak yourself out, relax in order to give him or her a sweet kiss .

5. DO find your signature kiss which the two of you , but the secret Oh ! What could be more romantic than this it ?

6. DO remember mints.

7. DON'T criticize a guy in the middle of a kiss.

8. DO go destination kissing

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