How To Marry A Millionaire?


As the Millionaire Matchmaker, Patti Stanger knows a thing or two about how to win the heart of a wealthy man.

Now the relationship guru, 50, has revealed her style tips for women keen to secure that second date.

She explains why curly-haired women - with the exception of Andie McDowell - should always straighten their hair and why the Rachel Zoe boho look will never be a winner when it comes to bagging a man.

She told "Men who are wealthy like straight hair, they like to run their hands through it, not get tangled in there like it does with curls. And honestly, very few women have perfect curls. Unless you're Andie McDowell, the curls just look messy."

She added, rather controversially, that red hair was a dating faux pas too. She revealed, "The only men who like redheads are Irish."

When it comes to fashion, boho is a no-no, as Ms Stanger believes clothes should be fitted.

She continued:"No woman should be walking around in boho. It might look great on Rachel Zoe, but we all don't have her body. How are you going to wear a tent dress and expect to get laid?"

She cited Jennifer Lopez and Kim Kardashian as women who understood how to dress for their body types, explaining that girls with great legs should bring out the miniskirt, while one with a swan neck, shouldn't hide it in a turtleneck.

Nor should a girl overaccessorise, as the reality star believes too much jewellery makes a woman look high-maintenance. She added that a man is also unlikely to know whether your costume baubles are real or fake.

She explained: 'I always say, "Don't wear your diamonds to a date, or he has nothing to buy you."'

In terms of colour, black, red and jewel tones like sapphire blue and emerald green are in, while pumpkins and yellows are out, Ms Stanger said. Prints are also off-limits.

For the best possible dating wardrobe, she advises shopping with a hot straight guy rather than gay or female friends.

"He'll know what will get you laid," she said, "The first step toward a relationship is making him want you."

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