Marry Rich, Are You Ready?

Regal is married to many women dream of, but to date a millionaire has always been not a very easy thing to do, but the country is to hold wealth, marriage is a lot more difficult than the former.
Once married a millionaire, how much you have to sit tight in the country beauty and wisdom of it? To know that every wealthy has his unique family history, have a particular aspect of the unique talents and wisdom, they are the elite of modern society, a symbol of wealth accumulation. The millionaires are in business to create their own kingdom dash, in his financial empire casting pointing country, they have a rebellious spirit of creation, also has a dark luxury living. Around them the most missing is the vase and think tanks, in the face of such a group, what is your killer emboldened and confident that they can encroach which rose to please a cup of soup, or which establish their place among the top? Those who subdue their is what kind of ruthless role, what unique offerings Cheats subdue his own wealthy husband in the marriage of orbit? Those operating from Fortune 500 family of a woman, all of them have great talent. They are not only a good wife or a wife and mother so simple, in addition to wealth, they run to the marriage brought us refer template.Wendi among the business empire of the world media magnate Rupert Murdoch, has provided us with a marriage retreat, sample Pretty Woman.
Melinda is the top students in prestigious universities, he was already married Bill Gates IT industry upstart. If you do not marry Bill Gates, she will have the same good career and future. But Melinda marriage only as a Microsoft manager. Regal upstart in his career development period, is often not enough stable, very considerate of the need for a good wife, you can not only ease the pressure, but also to explore new ideas, overcome the current difficulties. Bill Gates is not good at using language to express the feelings of the people, often only the wife as a listener. During the Microsoft antitrust trial, Gates is considered commercial "thugs", the public opinion clouded. Melinda Gates quietly waiting around, listening to the voices of justification and that he could not express in the outside world, silently supporting her husband one step out of the woods. When Microsoft's rapid rise to become the world's commercial peak myth, has been described Gates's wealth just as constantly running the printing presses, like wealth exponentially increased as the world's richest man, when Melinda love like a guard, as guardian of the family privacy, doing things low-key, low-key life, both to protect the family, but also to protect her husband's career. Marriage to pay, but must keep the self. To share her husband's pressure, to make appropriate sacrifices are supposed to, but in the end have their own stage. When Microsoft heyday occasion, Melinda faces the risk of losing personal identity, people only know her as Mrs. Gates and Melinda almost forgotten. So, she created the "Bill & Melinda - Gates Foundation", and gradually come to the foreground from behind the scenes, Gates money with wisdom and technology, Melinda is money begets money, two people perfect match, their duties and became head of the Microsoft empire half.
A family researchers believe that the marital relationship of wealth in marriage is the most common entrepreneurial firm, because their initial strong cooperation, the choice is quite rational, position in the business are not easily formed was light With a pretty face and gentle character of the woman replaced. Successful marriage often combine two strong bodies, are complementary to each other's strengths. Looking at domestic super-rich wives, their husbands, not only women, some of which are the cause of her husband's partner, has even succeeded her husband in charge of the family business. Gold marriage, women tend to be passionate first love type dynamic, hard-working and practical confidante type, combined with gentle wife and mother type Trinity. Simple vase type and good wives and mothers are not sufficient to secure wealth management and marriage. The actual marriage is a contract, the contract business is not good, the other is difficult to operate. But if we run a good marriage, wealth will grow exponentially. Marriage to be among the richest in the column, please you from trying to cultivate and improve their business marriage can begin.

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